Striving for Sustainability

Your favourite Ribena berries are getting even more lovable with a whole load of planet loving projects.

From breeding climate-resillient berries to our 100% recycled plastic* and recyclable bottles, we’re making purple waves in being more sustainable.

More berry-licious for you and the planet.

About us 

We are the blackcurrant-loving juice drink created in 1938. In fact, we’re crazy about our purple berries and go to great lengths to protect the environment where they grow.

Why? Because we rely on mother nature to grow delicious blackcurrants and that means striving for sustainability from bush to bottle.

Berry Beginnings

We grow, juice and bottle 10,000 tonnes of berries each year, all while trying to minimise our impact on the environment.

This includes 11 varieties of British grown blackcurrants that are packaged in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic* (and have been since 2007).

Explore our timeline to follow our blackcurrants’ journey from bush to bottle.

Bush to Bottle Timeline

R is for Recycle

100% bottle-to-bottle recyclable


As well as being made from recycled plastic*, our bottles have also been redesigned for bottle-to-bottle recycling, so that every bottle we sell can start a new life as another bottle. You’ll also notice some smart new embossing on our bottles that encourage recycling. That’s so we can give Ribena drinkers a nudge in the right direction.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about our journey towards greener packaging.

Our farms

Currants for any climate

We’re getting our berries fighting fit for the future. As changing weather patterns begin to have an effect on our crops, we’re working with the James Hutton Institute to develop berries that are just as happy and juicy whatever the weather.

Want to know more about our climate friendly currants? Click the image to explore more.


Six point-plan

We grow a lot of blackcurrants to make our berry-licious Ribena, which we couldn’t do without our trusty farmers and the wonderful wildlife.

Our six-point plan, including hedgerows, wild flowers and bird boxes, gives our berries the perfect natural environment to grow in harmony with the birds, bees and trees.

Meet Giles, one of our wildlife loving blackcurrant farmers.

Plan breakdown



Our hedgerows provide natural shelter for our crops, shielding them from the wind and giving food, shelter and breeding sites for our wildlife.


Rough grass margins

Grass margins are a habitat for butterflies and other small creatures to lay their eggs in over winter, becoming home to the insects that feed off crop pests over spring.


Green headlands

We keep our green headlands as wild as we can as these areas are an ideal habitat for bumblebees, brown hares and grey partridges.


Nest boxes

Nest boxes provide birds with shelter and safety from predators.



We sow our Ribena wildflower mix around our blackcurrants which supports the bee population and prevents snails and slugs getting to the blackcurrant bushes.


Young trees

Planting native trees helps provide wildlife with food and safety.

Making strides

To make a change for good we’re constantly refreshing, rethinking and revolutionising what and how we do things.


Listening to you


Caring for our team


Working with local communities


Reducing our environmental impact

*Cap and label not made from recycled content yet, but are recyclable.
This currently doesn't include Ribena Sparkling bottles.