The fruity story: Bringing joy since 1938

Right at the heart of Ribena lies a belief in doing good!

Drinking Ribena
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From our founder developingVitamin-C-rich Ribena during WWII... our farmers providing habitats andshelter for our wonderful wildlife.

We’re on a mission to bring you upand make the world a happier place.

It’s true what they say. Life’s a little brighter with a Ribena in hand.

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Ribena Founder Dr Vernon Charley

First joys

Ribena Founder, Dr Vernon Charley, a leading scientist at The University of Bristol first produced a berry-licious blackcurrant syrup in 1938.

He noticed blackcurrants contained vitamin C, so he distributed free Ribena to children and expectant mothers during WW2 when other fruits with vitamin C were scarce.

Strong roots

Dr Charley lived most of his life in The Forest of Dean and our Coleford factory is still there, open and busy making berry-juice drinks.

Coleford factory

Berry interesting!

Delight your dinner party guests with this one:

The name Ribena comes from the Latin word for blackcurrants.

'Ribes Nigrum'

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