The Colouring Café by Ribena

See what happened when we opened the world’s first Ribena Colouring Café, full to the brim with quirk, joy and colour.

From the moment you walk in, you'll know this isn't just any old café.

The Ribena Colouring Café is all about grabbing life by the felt tip. It's a chance for colouring in connoisseurs to bring a unique illustration by artist Alex Lucas to life in a simply brilliant way. The illustration will be in lots of pieces, giving everyone who comes to the café their own small canvas to bring to life.

We'll then take all these mini masterpieces and put them back together again. A mix of creative, imaginative people bringing all sorts of ideas will make it a day to remember.

Most people are quite happy with a cheeky garden gnome and a few flowers outside their house.
Well, artist Alex Lucas isn't most people. She's all about the simple happy things.

Her art is a bit off the wall. And when you're a bit off the wall, what better way to show it than painting the walls of your house with giant birds & flowers?

Every Saturday she opens her front window, selling artwork through her ' Window Shop'.

So her home isn't just a place of art, it's a place to sell art. That's some pretty smart art.

But Alex's art isn't just at her home; it brings massive smiles to faces right across Bristol with simple happy things in loads of different locations so if you get the chance, discover them for yourself.

Colouring caffe