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ribena  0007 History ribena
ribena History

History of Ribena 

This story began way back in 1938, so for over 75 years we've been making the delicious taste of Ribena. Here's a fantastic fact for you. The name Ribena comes from the Latin word for blackcurrants, ‘Ribes Nigrum’.

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ribena 1930s

Early History

Those berries have played a big part in British history. In 1939 during WW2, Ribena did its duty as it was given to children for free as a Vitamin C supplement.

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ribena  0003 1980s ribena
ribena 1980

Ribena Berries

One small step for man, a giant leap for cheeky Blackcurrants. The legendary Ribena Berry characters are first introduced, bursting with fun.

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ribena 1980s 90s

New Formats

This was the year we launched our first carton version of Ribena making it an instant lunchbox favourite.

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ribena 1990s sugrar free

No Added Sugar Squash Launched

If there's one thing we love, it's giving Ribena Fans more choice. That's why we introduced the no added sugar version. Less sugar, the same great taste!

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Desktop 500ml Foreground2
Mobile Foreground 500ml2

Introduce 500ml Ready To Drink

On your marks, get set, go. Ready-to-drink Ribena was launched and a world thirsty for their favourite drink on the go rejoiced!

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Mobile Foreground Tropical


Mad about Mango & Lime or crazy about Pineapple & Passion Fruit? New Tropical flavours became instant fruity favourites.

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ribena  0001 2015 ribena
ribena 2015

Ribena Launched Its Ribenary Campaign ‘Zooby Doo!’

How do you tell the world about the fruitiest, tastiest, juiciest, blackcurrantiest, Ribena ever? With a new ad and a ridiculously hummable tune that's how. You really can’t get anymore Ribenary.

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Desktop Winter Foreground
Desktop Winter Foreground

Winter Spice

Things really started to warm up with the introduction of Winter Spiced Ribena, the first Ribena created especially to be drunk hot. 

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