Ribena Frusion, gently infused Kiwi and Blueberry drinks


A refreshing and delicate blackcurrant water, naturally infused with real fruits and crafted botanicals.

We take still water and gently infuse real fruits and selected botanicals in it for just the right amount of time for their best flavours to come out - not too weak, not too strong. This is then blended with our unique Ribena blackcurrant juice, giving you the delicately delicious taste of Ribena Frusion, straight from the bottle, every time.

Ribena Frusion is perfect if you're after a feel-good thirst-quencher with a refreshingly fruity taste. It contains no sweeteners, is low in calories, and is rich in the antioxidant Vitamin C which helps protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Our Frusion Range

The unique Ribena blackcurrant water naturally infused with fruits and botanicals.



What is Ribena Frusion?

Ribena Frusion is a new infused blackcurrant water brought to you by Ribena. We blend our unique British blackcurrant juice with still water that has been gently and naturally infused with real fruits and botanicals, to give you a fruity and refreshing drink that is low in calories. Plus, it has no artificial sweeteners. 


What is blackcurrant water?

Ribena Frusion blackcurrant water is made by blending our juicy Ribena British blackcurrant juice with still water. Ribena Frusion is the same colour as our blackcurrant Ribena - the taste, however, is much lighter and less sweet, as the blackcurrant juice content is half of that of Ribena.


How are the fruits infused?

Just as you would infuse lemon or cucumber slices in water at home, the same process is followed for Ribena Frusion. We take still water and gently immerse our fruit or botanicals in it for just the right amount of time for their best flavours to come out - not too weak, not too strong. This natural, simple, and unique process is different from a lot of products out there in the world of soft drinks and flavoured waters!


Does Ribena Frusion contain any artificial sweeteners?

Ribena Frusion does not contain any sweeteners at all. 


How many calories does Ribena Frusion contain?

All Frusion products are low in calories. Per 250ml, Frusion contains only 46-48 calories depending on the flavour. To find out more, check out the nutritional information here.


Why is there sugar in Ribena Frusion?

The main reason we use sugar in our Ribena Frusion range is to balance the naturally tart taste of blackcurrants. Therefore, our Ribena Frusion range contains 4.1-4.3g of added sugar depending on the flavour, and the rest comes from naturally occurring sugars in our blackcurrants and fruit infusions. 


What is the difference between Ribena and Ribena Frusion?

Ribena is a blackcurrant juice drink, whilst Ribena Frusion is a blackcurrant water that has been naturally infused with fruits or botanicals for just the right amount of time so you can taste both the infusion and the blackcurrants. Ribena is made with 6% blackcurrant juice, and Frusion contains 3% blackcurrant juice, meaning that whilst Ribena is sweeter, juicier and all about the mighty blackcurrant, Ribena Frusion is refreshingly delicate because of its higher water content and has the distinctive taste of the selected fruit it has been infused with, and the subtle taste of our blackcurrants. This makes it the perfect choice when you're after a drink that's hydrating, tastes delicious, and is low in calories with no sweeteners. 


Where can I find Ribena Frusion?

Most of the supermarkets you visit should have Ribena Frusion sitting on their shelves. But visit our where to buy page if you're unsure. Once you're in the store, you should be able to spot our eye-catching 420ml bottle in the chillers at the front, next to the flavoured waters. For the 1L bottles, check the back of the store next to the flavoured waters. If you're passing by an independent retailer, like a newsagent's, pop in and have a look - we should be sitting in their chillers too. If we aren't, don't hesitate to ask them to stock up. Happy shopping!


Is the bottle recyclable?

Yes, our bottles are widely recyclable! To give the bottle the best chance of being recycled, tear the sleeve off using the perforated edge - then keep the cap on and throw the bottle in your nearest recycling bin.

For our 420ml range, we're happy to say that the bottle is also made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).


What flavours are available?

We've developed a delicious range of Ribena Frusion flavours for you to enjoy.

In our 420ml format, we have Ribena Frusion Kiwi and Ribena Frusion Blueberry.

In our 1L format, we have Ribena Frusion Kiwi, Ribena Frusion Lemon Peel, and Ribena Frusion Elderflower.

Read more about our range here.