Bring nature to your window box or windowsill with easy-to-find materials.

Bird Feeder

Try out this easy and fun way to welcome beautiful wildlife into your garden or window box while you’re at home using an old Ribena squash bottle! Birds love to feast on sunflower seeds, millet & peanut granules – simple items that most will have in their kitchen collection.

Please take care when using scissors to pierce the holes. Keep in mind your Ribena bottles can be recycled after use!

Expressing your creativity during a time of loneliness and isolation can be beneficial for mental health. For more tips on how to alleviate stress or anxiety, please visit The Mental Health Foundation’s by clicking here

Desk Planters

Have you come to the end of a delicious bottle of Ribena squash? Every cloud has a silver lining! You can of course recycle our bottles, but you can also get your #creativity flowing and re-purpose them to make these lovely planters!

All you need is

  • An empty Ribena No Added Sugar bottle/s
  • All purpose spray paint primer
  • Spray paint
  • A stanley knife or a very sharp pair of scissors – be careful when using these!
  • A selection of oil paints (or coloured permanent markers)

Floral Hanging Wall

We’re spending so much time at home lately and sprucing up the environment you are doing everything in can make a huge difference to your mood! Have a go at bringing a bit of nature inside by making this lovely floral wall hanging in just 15 minutes using a mixture of dried and faux bushy green florals. Just be careful when using any sharp objects!

Jungle Pots

Bringing nature inside can have some amazing effects on your mood, as well as your productivity and stress levels. Gather up your unloved plant pots and give them a little makeover to brighten up your home or even your garden with these lovely tips!

Succulent Propagation Station

How cool is this Succulent Propagation Station made from an old Ribena Squash bottle. This video shows you how easy it is to be creative at home and reuse those squash bottles. Just remember to be careful when using any sharp objects and recycle your bottle once you are finished with it.

Ribena Faux Wreath

What better way to dress up your front door or any door for that matter, with this beautiful Ribena inspired faux wreath. This wreath is made with gorgeous purple faux flowers but you could easily do it with any real flowers you may have.

We hope you enjoy being creative

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