About Us

The Blackcurrant drink on everyone's lips

Invented by Dr Vernon Charley Ribena was distributed for free to kids and pregnant women as an important source of Vitamin C during the war.  

Vernon Charley

80 years ago in 1938 Ribena made its debut on the British high streets. Marketed as 'The natural health drink of our time' it was the first beverage to contain the fruity goodness of Blackcurrants, rich in vitamin C. It wasn't long before it became the fruit drink loved by all that we know today. 


Over 90% of blackcurrants grown in the UK become the great tasting Ribena we so dearly love. We know every farm from where our crops are harvested having worked with generations of passionate blackcurrant growers. So from bush to bottle we ensure only the finest blackcurrants make it into Ribena! 

Blackcurrant farm

Today Ribena has a range of products for all and remains the number one drink now juice drink brand.