The Ribena Story

A long, long time ago (the 1930s to be precise) in a land not so far away (Great Britain in fact) blackcurrant syrup began life when Dr Vernon Charley was researching pure fruit juices for milkshakes.

Ribena is born

A few years later, in 1938, the Ribena product was born, taking its name from the Latin word for blackcurrants: Ribes Nigrum.

During World War II a lack of vitamin C in the UK led to a government decree and Ribena was given as a vitamin C supplement in schools, hospitals and nursing homes. To this day, Ribena remains rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.

Ribena Through the ages

Ribena was growing up!

The Ribena brand was growing up! And in the 1970s the blackcurrants were machine harvested for the first time.

Ribena Dancing Berry

TV Debut

This tasty beverage made its first appearance on television screens in the 1950s and by the 1960s Ribena had become one of Britain's favourite blackcurrant drinks.

Ribena TV Debut

Ribena berries are born

The next big step in the Ribena brand's history came in the 1980s, when the iconic berries were born. These friendly looking little characters have become instantly recognisable and well loved by Ribena fans across the globe.

Ribena waving-berry Ribena Old Advert

Ready to drink

The Ribena product became the first major squash brand to be available in a ready-to-drink package. And throughout the 1980s and 90s more drinks were added to the Ribena family, including No Added Sugar squash.

Ribena Plus Bottles

Still growing...

Our blackcurrants are still grown on a handful of British farms by farmers who we've enjoyed relationships with for up to 60 years and three generations.

Nowadays, Ribena is available in a whole range of tasty flavours and varieties, including Ribena Sparkling in raspberry and blackcurrant flavours and the new Plus range, which includes Ribena Plus with vitamins A and C to help support immunity and Ribena Plus with calcium for healthy bones.

Who knows what new and exciting things the future will hold for the Ribena brand!

Ribena Products

The future...

Let's do it! Grow it!

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