Ribena Plus Play: The Ribena Plus Play Report

Pocket Playgorund

With six exciting creations – dinosaur, boat, house, car, shop, and rocket – you and your children can turn a simple cardboard box into hours of fun by simply downloading your chosen template and instructions.

Find a cardboard box and begin playing! Tell us your box stories and show us your creations! Follow us on Twitter, using #playbox or on Facebook.

The Ribena team has now launched the third chapter of the Ribena Plus Play Report: The Role of Toys in Play.

In the lead up to Christmas, our research has shown that parents are feeling increasing amounts of pressure when it comes to buying presents for their children:

  • A third of parents feel ‘pressured’ into buying pricey presents for their children by annual Christmas lists, with almost half of parents spending over £200 on children at Christmas
  • One in seven parents actually report that their children played longer with Christmas present packaging than the actual toy, with almost twice as many parents saying their children preferred playing with boxes than gadgets

Do you agree with what our research shows? Based on our findings, we have also launched the Ribena Plus Play Box – an everyday item that could also be a child’s must have Christmas toy, limited only by their imagination!

Pocket Playgorund

What you'll need for your own Pocket Playground

  • Coloured threads (at least 3 colours)
  • Coloured paper
  • Drawing / colouring pencils
  • Small wooden shapes and building blocks
  • Modelling clay
  • Beads (under supervision)
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Toy people

The Pocket Playground from Ribena Plus

The Ribena Team has launched the second chapter of the Ribena Plus Play Report: The Pressures of Play.

To coincide with the launch, which reveals that half of UK parents can’t afford all the toys and play activities they’d like for their family, we have created the ‘Pocket Playground’ - a travel-sized trove of eight low-cost play items for you and your children. It’s the perfect, inexpensive addition to your handbag to entertain your children when out and about.

Our research also found that parents think their children are happiest making up games rather than playing with shop-bought toys – do you think this is true for your child? We’d love to get your thoughts!

You can download our top 50 play ideas with the Pocket Playground items, written by mums for mums, and you and your children can get playing today.

What do you think of our play tips? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and share your top play tips using our Pocket Playground items too!

The Ribena Team, a group of play experts and over 2,000 parents revealed in the Ribena Plus Play Report that:

92% of parents believe that imaginary play is important but 16% don't know how to create it with their child

Only 32% of kids still play with household items, but 70% play on video games while nine in ten watch DVDs

30% of parents 'feel under pressure to be fun'

One in seven parents say they 'don't know what they're doing when they are playing with their kids'

Children in playhouse

So do you agree with what parents are feeling about play and need some ideas yourself?

Take a look at our tips for fun play activities that you and your kids can do together, from great days out to unique artwork for your home and theatrical shows that the kids can put on for you in your living room!

All you have to do is download the Ribena Plus Play Parenting tips to get started. We'd love to hear about your ideas for play too!

Get in touch via Facebook or on Twitter.

The Ribena Plus PlayLab

The Ribena Team has been busy looking at a really important part of family life - play. We love play here at Ribena HQ and think it should be free, open and above all fun! So this week we'll be launching our Ribena Plus Exploration PlayLab, to champion exploratory, imaginative and creative play that's fun for all the family.

This is a unique play area to get parents reconnecting with play and showing everyone how easy and fun it can be.

Child being entertained

We've commissioned a new report the Ribena Plus Play Report to look into how families across the UK are playing.

Childrens playhouse
Let's do it! Make it!

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